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During my preparation days, I used to religiously follow the blogs of some successful students and gained a lot from it. Today, after being selected with an AIR-3 in the Civil Service Exam (2011), I feel that the burden now lies on my shoulders to carry the torch forward.

The CSE is not just an exam; it is a journey. By this blog, I will NOT be able to tell everyone as to how they must study because I believe each individual has his/her unique style of doing things that works for him/her. But I will certainly be able to share my experiences and help the readers figure out how they can best traverse this journey to reach their destination.

Clearing this exam in the very first attempt was possible not only by intelligent and patient hard-work but also by the blessings of my elders, teachers and the great ALMIGHTY.

I hope that all the people undertaking this journey are blessed with success in their endeavors.


  1. Hello sir..firstly i want to congratulate you on your success and i’m very greatful that despite your busy schedule you are giving your valuable suggestions to cse aspirants via your blog.
    I’m preparing to take cse xam in 2013 and my preparition is movin pretty smoothly but i struggle a lot with ‘Economics’. I don’t find any complete and a comprehensive book on this subjet in market. Kindly guide me..

    • Please refer to Economic Survey and Pratiyogita Darpan- Economy special edition. You will find these two sources very helpful. In addition to this please go through the NCERT textbooks of classes 11 and 12 to understand some basic concepts and never forget that Wikipedia and Internet will always remain your good loyal friends in this regard.

  2. Hi,
    Congrats. I want to know what strategies should I use for the prelim exam? I don’t get from where should I start my prep for prelim. Which are the basic books that I have to refer?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Basically the Strategy should remain the same as for Mains Exam. Always keep the Mains in mind while preparing. Just focus on a little more of facts and other question that can be asked in objective format.

  3. Dear sir, if u have any idea about pavan sir for pub ad,then kindly guide me whether I should join his class.

  4. Sir i m a first yearite at IITD electrical engg. I have a strong passion of CSE. Wht u suggest whn to start prep and how to manage time well in IIT?

  5. congrats.. for your success and appreciation for what you r doing by helping aspirants ….got a lot from your post thanks..

  6. Sir, I am doing pub adm from mohanty sir.Now i have to choose between vajiram and sriram for gs and I am really confused.Could you please suggest me with this?

  7. Sir,
    Congratulations for your grand succes.I just wanna enquire about the pattern of IAS 2013 plus right now I’m in dilemma that i should only focus on GS or optionals because there is a rumour that optionals will be removed and its september now,the comittee has not evn finalised its report which was set up in 2011.
    Also I was preparing for IES as back up because of electrical as optional.If optionals will be removed than no point in studying electrical.
    Please suggest something sir.
    waiting for your positive response.

  8. sir,
    help me out, i believe that joining test series good but whenever i join it , i found myself in trouble as test series move pretty faster than my pace of covering syllabus . i want to clarify that i haved not covered my optionals thoroughly… because earlier i use to depend upon coaching notes only… with which i wasn’t able to score respectable mrks… sir, my question is that should i join test series once i am done with my both the optionals…?

    • No you should try and keep pace with the test series. That is the best way. However, if you do not feel comfortable in doing that then you may join the test series after completing your syllabus.

  9. sir i am really worried about my optionals whether i take sociology or geography .i am a science background student and finds difficult to mug up theory but i also dont like geography. wht shoulde i do will geography be more scoring than sociology

  10. Pls tell about the present status/update regarding the change of Mains pattern in near future.
    What are the chances for change in 2013 and in 2014.
    Till what time will it be confirmed that the pattern is changing or not for 2013.
    Pls reply.
    Thanks in advance.

  11. You said 2 hours is enough for Newspaper + making notes. How was your methodology and the techniques adopted for this. Kindly share your technical way of noting. Kindly reply and help me.

    • Basically, you must learn to judge the importance of news items and sift through the newspaper accordingly as fast as you can. There is no technique as such. You will have to learn it on your own. Discuss with your friends and ask each other questions from today’s paper. Divide your notebook into sections such as Polity, National, Internationsl, S&T, Personalities etc and note down the points accordingly.

  12. can u plz request Rukmani maam to share her strategy for pol. science.
    waiting for ur reply.

  13. Sir,
    To score 200 above marks in optionals what are the very basic points which i should keep in my mind while
    1.preparation and

  14. Sir,
    Do the simple english with good subject terminology is enough while presenting the answers in mains??? or there should be perfectness in framing a sentence???

    • Simple english is good but you must be able to express clearly what you want to say. There shouldn’t be any grammatical errors in your sentences.

  15. hello sir i am a fresher prepaing for ias 2013 presently residing in chandigarh. since i am a working professional i can’t join coaching but i want to join a test series so my question is whether i should go for a online test series or classrom test series and which test series i should join in chandigarh.

  16. Sir, my optionals are public administration and sociology. I have to prepare with out any coaching so can u please suggest me the points i have to keep in mind while…
    1. Alloting time per day
    2. Making notes
    3. Presenting answer in mains
    4. Suggestions from you?

  17. What is the strategy to cover economics as i do not have any base in economics sir

  18. Sir
    how can i present my answer in mains.
    1. Points wise?
    2. Paragraph wise?
    3. or Can i present by the combination of all i mean flow charts nd highlighted headings diagramatic representation in easy and understandable manner with exact and very appropriate answer/solution
    4. Is it not good to present in flow chart?
    Sir the job of Spending time fr upcoming is realy distinctive attitude. Never stop this sir. Your reply got great hope for somebody

  19. firstly i want to thank you for your valuable time you give to advise ias aspirants .sir i am a fresher and want to appear for ias 2013 but my basic problem is that i am a working professional and have limited time for study and i am taking a lot of time to read newspaper even i read the whole newspaper then didnt get time to note it it takes me 4-5 hrs to read the newspaper due to which i am unable to concentrate on subjects sir plz help

    • You have to cut down your newspaper reading time. Try discussing with some friends and see what unnecessary articles you read that consumed excessive time.

  20. Hello sir, i preparing for cse 2014. Mera ek optional history h. Lekin dusra kya choose kru samajh nhi aa rha. Mai 2nd year ka student hoon. Or math me interested sir guide me that second optional math ya political sci. Or other. Please mujhe important book ke bare me jarur bataiaga. Yadi aapke pas notes ho to please mujhe send kijiye. Kyoki sir mai coching nhi kr sakta because my femily background is not enough for it. Mai rajasthan ke ek gav me rahta hu. Please reply jarur dena mujhe via email id.
    Thanks sir
    waiting your reply….

    • Choose your optional based on your interest. If you feel confident with Maths then go with it else you can go with political science. I do not have my notes very handy with me so I won’t be able to send them to you. But you can study on your own from books.
      It doesn’t matter from where you are, if you work hard, you can do it.

  21. sir,
    i am very confused to which medium is best for me,my 10th scholling is in hindi medium please tel me sir

  22. Hi sir, I am doing pharm D(doctor in pharmacy) a post graduate course of 6 years (5 yrs study 1yr internship) after inter came on state common entrance test in andhra pradesh sir. Now am fourth year sir.
    1. Can I attempt CSE in my 5th year ending i.e 2014 may. But stil i have to do 1yr internship after 5th for completion of course and to get certificates. Can i submit certificates on 2015 april at the time of interview
    2. I am in very need to clear CSE to get into IAS in first attempt after 2 yrs itself for my grandpa and my uncle. I am above average student nd have great confidence and cnt join coaching, for me it is unaffordable but majority of aspirants will do it in latter attempts. so is it possible for me? I say “yes, i can.” but what’s your opinion sir. Nd if u feel that i need help, suggest me sir, i am at you sir.
    I am vry thankful to be in ur presence sir. Sorry for the big question sir but do help.
    Thanking you sir

    • 1.I think you can BUT please verify in the UPSC notification which gives the rules of the exam.
      2. Yes you can do it without coaching but you will have to work very hard. Generally coaching gives a guidance and thus may make you move faster in your preparation but you can do it on your own too.

  23. namaste sir

    1. coaching name hindi medium ke liye app nhi suggest kar payege coz apka medium english tha bt plz sir its a request to you…….aap kese bhi mujhe pta karke bta dege apke kisi frnd/known person ne to hindi medium choose kiya hoga na plz sir.

    2. GS hindi ke liye………..ALS OR CHANAKYA
    3. Pub Ad hindi ke liye…….SYNERGY
    4. Essay paper ke liye pre ke baad concentrate karu to theek rahega na?
    5. Pub ad ke sath kaun sa subject better he….mera interest HISTORY me he or mene Modern History prepare kar li he……..ya Sociology ya Hindi Literature select karu.
    6. sabi subjects ki alag-alag classes lena better he ya pre+mains ke liye pura batch lena theek rahega.

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