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Preparation for Interview- The Final Test

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The ideas expressed below are not all mine. During my Interview preparation I took personal guidance from Mr. Vikas Bhardwaj (my History teacher) and so while penning down the article below, I have borrowed heavily from his teachings. Similarly I have also expressed many ideas that I have borrowed from Bansal Sir (at Abhimanu, Chandigarh). I must thank both of them for all their help and support. I will try and reply to some queries that you post but please bear with the delay in my responses.

Interview is a test of personality and not of knowledge yet most of the time candidates prepare for enhancing their knowledge base and totally neglect their personality aspect. It is obvious that personality can’t be built in a day but it can certainly be molded in a short time span.Your aim should be to highlight the best aspects of your personality. Interview is the final step before you achieve your dream- DO NOT MESS IT UP. Read the rest of this entry »