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Strategy for Geography by Mr. Mangesh Kumar (AIR-4)

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Vote of Thanks

I have to thank Mr. Mangesh Kumar (Rank-4) for being very kind to spare some time and share his strategy for Geography in detail with us. I must mention that Mr Mangesh held a seminar at New Delhi which received overwhelming response from candidates. Some of my friends attended that seminar and gave me very positive feedback about it. So, I requested him to pen down his thoughts in a write-up to reach a wider spectrum of aspirants. I am sure everyone will benefit from this article. He will try and reply to any queries you post but please bear with the delay in his responses. I thank him on behalf of all the candidates once again.

How to prepare for Geography

Geography is a good subject with the civil services point of view. During last few years it comes out to be one of the most favourite choices of Civil Services Aspirants.  The basic strategy for geography starts with study of NCERT books.

Start preparation before one year of the prelims. Make a strategy to complete the syllabus topic wise.  The basic concepts of each topic should be clear so that one can write in his language in examination. Try to incorporate maximum figures in your answers. Geography is the subject where one can make answers crisp and attractive by figures. Wherever map is required draw it. Between two questions of choice in exam attempt the question in which chances of drawing figure are more. The most important fact which one should keep in mind in geography is time management. Each aspirant feels difficulty in attempting all questions in geography. What I suggest is continuous writing practice.

We have to solve the question paper of 300 marks in 3 hours i.e. 180 minutes. Thus we get 0.6 minutes for one mark. It can easily be calculated that ideally for 15 marks question we gat 9 minutes and almost 150-200 words and for 30 mark question we get 18 minutes and almost 300-350 words. So what one can do, pick a question randomly from last year question papers start stop watch and try to complete the answer in above time limit and word limit. After time limit stop writing and then check the answer yourself as well as show it to your friends or guide. Make sure that answer should be legible as well as of good quality. Practice 3-4 questions daily. You will be amazed to see that there is a drastic improvement in your writing skill and time management skill. This type of writing practice will help you not only in geography but in other optional and G.S. also.

Mapping has come out to be a real challenge in recent years. The strategy to handle India map question is again practice. What one should do is to practice map everyday for one hour. Start from mountains first day, then rivers, then waterfalls and then important cities and so on. Also mark important places which are in news from news paper. Regular practice of mapping will make you more confidant.

In recent past it is also being seen that second paper is evolving as a challenge for aspirants. Its applied nature is responsible for making it uncertain. So one should be careful in preparation of second paper. For effective preparation one should be able to incorporate current topics in geography. Thus while reading newspaper mark the topics which may be important for geography and try to search material for those topics from internet. Start writing on those topics. Read each and every issue of ‘ magazine Geography and you’.

Important books:

Paper I:

1)      Geomorphology: Savindra singh and Strahler & Strahler

2)      Climatology: D.S.Lal

3)      Oceanography: Vatal and Sharma

4)      Biogeography: Savindra Singh, Rupa made simple

5)      Environment: ICSE books of 9th and 10th class

6)      Human and population Geography: Rupa made simple, Leong and Morgan

Paper II:

India Physical: Khullar, Majid Hussain

For other parts one can consult Rupa made simple

‘Geography and You’ magazine is best solution for applied form of second paper

  1. very helpful but can you please email me some PDF’s on my ail so that i can print out and study. I am in Swaziland and Geography is the subject that gives me hard time.

  2. sir,
    please send me own notes of GS

  3. sir,
    i m belongs to engg background it better for me Humanities as a optional sub??
    what mark u got in optional papper???

  4. Sir ,
    Which coaching you suggest for geography and is it going to help much or one can prepare on its own .

  5. Sir , For Beginner ,
    1. Is it advicable to start from these books mention in your Post. Or make basics through NCERT Books??
    2. In tight Test Hour ,Correctness of map and visual information is avoidable or not ??

  6. sir plzzz share ur notes or sum impt topics with us..

  7. Can you provide the same for Pali Optional Also.

  8. mangesh sir plz elaborate paper 2 books details..

  9. hi prince what was ur total score?

  10. is it possible to know mangesh sir’s geography marks

  11. sir i will give mains these year as i tink i will qualify for prelims( result awaiting). my frnds r saying that i shld concentrate on optionals more as gs is not scoring even after studying it sincerly. plese tell ur marks in gs paper 1 and 2. thanx.

  12. Can you please tell the marks you scored in paper 1 and 2

  13. Dear Mangesh,
    Please elaborate a bit more on Paper II of geography.
    Could you please give unit wise detail as you have done for Paper I topics.

  14. hello sir i want to know that can i opt gs in hindi medium and optional like pub.admn. in eng. medium seperately as i feel comfort in this. or we have to take same medium in entire jorney of exams including interview. plese reply. and thanks 4 doing noble work of helping cs aspirant. keep doing this . god blessss u.

  15. sir which is the best institute for geography optional

  16. Sir, how many marks u got in General studies paper I and paper II ? Thanks

  17. Sir, Aapne Prelims me Kitne Question attend kiye? Blog ke madhyam se mujhe Bahut Sahayta mile hai. Dhanyawad

  18. sir can u share ur notes or answer plzzz
    its great help from ur site plzzz…
    thank u in advance..

  19. Thank’s Sir

  20. Hi Sir,

    Congrats… & thanks for your helping nature

    Can you please try to post the strategy for ANTHROPOLOGY?

  21. Sir,Kindly post the strategy for Commerce & Accountancy

  22. lots of congrats..
    sir i have 1 doubt from where we get recent added topics like in theory part they ask peeroux and boudeville..sir they never ask maltus and marx shud be study or not..sir can u plzz give sum analysis for this yr paper..
    its great help from ur site plzzz.
    thank u..

  23. Sir,Kindly post the strategy for PHILOSOPHY

  24. Thank You very much Sir..For your valuable inputs and clarification of the common problems..Sir one more thing I want to ask is that how and from where to prepare for the non-conventional topics like spatial distribution of diseases, oceanic threats like piracy and it’s mitigation strategies, geopolitics, etc..
    Please provide me something from your experience..
    Thank You..

  25. hi sir,
    I have two questions.
    1. From where you got the magazine geography and you, because i searched it but could not found it.
    2. In a interective session at karol bagh you told about name of a community for science and tec. Please tell me again ..
    Thank you..

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