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Strategy for Medical Science by Dr. Piyush Singla (AIR-84)

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I first met Dr. Piyush during the days of my interview preparation and I would say that he is very meticulous in whatever he does. Counting on my old association with him, I requested him to submit a write-up on preparation for Medical Science. I begin by first thanking him for being very kind to spare some time and sharing his strategy in detail with us. I must mention that Dr Piyush also has great practical experience as he has worked at Fortis Hospital in Chandigarh. His tips would thus be very helpful to all of us. He will try and reply to any queries you post but please bear with the delay in his responses. I thank him on behalf of all the candidates once again.

Strategy For Medical Science Optional-


I would like to discuss it under following heads

Why Medical Science as optional

There are several reasons.

1) If you are a medicine graduate or post-graduate with, the choice should be obvious. You have already studied almost the entire prescribed syllabus during your graduation years. All that you need now is a finishing touch to your existing knowledge base according to the Civil Service Examination.


2) Since the syllabus is fully laid out, it appears long at the first glance. But careful analysis show topics mentioned are ‘marked ones’ /important ones from our UG days so we have gone through them thoroughly earlier.

3) Being a Science subject, there is always a great degree of objectivity during the evaluation process. So you can be sure of not losing any marks on the grounds that your line of arguments / interpretation did not match with that of the examiner. Therefore, with Medical Science you can be fairly sure of your score being in accordance to you examination hall performance.

Perceived apprehensions

There are many apprehensions about MS as optional due to which many doctors don’t go for it like-

1)      Lengthy syllabus

2)      No coaching / no compiled stuff

3)      Highly volatile nature of optional

4)      Level of questions asked (like- Tough clinical questions may of PG standard)

5)      Fear of inadequate study of foreign author books during UG days.

Way Forward

As any other medico I was also carrying similar apprehensions earlier. But careful planning and strategizing your preparation makes difference. I will answer each apprehension with a possible approach (what I followed)

There is no doubt that syllabus for MS is lengthy but much can be done for it.

-Start your one clinical and one non clinical part simultaneously to keep you in constant revision of basics .

– You can combine your topics from different sections like-

-I read all Neuro related topics either from physiology or from anatomy      simultaneously and made notes (as much possible) for them.

– Combining physiology and medicine topics-

Studying topics under one heading will give you a detailed grasp like while doing Excretory system topics for physiology one can discuss clinical aspects of it under medicine. This gives you more confidence and deeper understanding of subject.

-Cover those areas first which are shorter and carries similar chances to appear in exam with longer ones like Dermatology, Forensic Medicine , Biochemistry , Pediatrics .

Note Making –   Considering the vastness of syllabus it’s always tedious to make personal notes of subjects but I must tell you strategized note making is HIGHLY USEFUL while revision.

I bought many post graduation exam (MD/MS) preparatory books (individual books) and made notes for many subjects like pediatrics , surgery, Pharmacology ,OBG( larger portion) etc.


–          While going through those books one see that references are made from higher foreign authors which tackle your apprehension about inadequate reading from higher level books. Like- I made notes for surgery from individual pg preparatory book which took around 8-9 days but references for those topics covered include Love and belly , Sebastian etc which are sufficient to tackle higher level questions.

–          Whole Pharmacology I have compiled in 30-40 odd handwritten pages from PG preparatory book. This gives me enough confidence and revision was easy at the end.

But I would say this note making exercise should be started as early as possible to spare sufficient time for their revision at end. But this gives you immense help while revising things and better understanding of subjects. I made notes for most of clinical subjects, rest you can decide your grey areas and work accordingly. Another benefit is in tackling tough clinical questions as asked for Pediatrics and other subjects (as Differential diagnosis are well explained in those books). You need not make notes for all subjects just select your areas so that it saves your time to prepare other areas.

So I must say preparing MS is thoughtful and somewhat more laborious than other optionals but once prepared according to strategy it do rewards you well in the end.

Prepare it wholeheartedly it will surely benefit you.

Best of luck for your preparation

Dr. Piyush Singla

  1. thank u sir for ur guidance!
    Sir,i would like to seek ur valuable guidance in gen studies,..keeping in mind d huge syllabus,changing nature of questions and d dynamic nature of topics,it is realy a herculean task to prepare and do wel in GS.the style of presentation and time management of d preparation of GS also is of prime importance.considering the problems of beginners like us,pl tel us abt preparation of GS from d basic level.
    I wil be waiting for ur reply
    thank u sir.

  2. hello sit…i m 2nd year electronics engg student….. i m confused abt optionals…plz guide me…….n how u manage time table when u r sytudying? both for engg n upsc………how u get time for preparing both engg n upsc???i m so curious to know diis…..

    • Dipali the real trick here is basically to not waste any time and enjoy doing whatever you do. Give your best and please never ever let even one second pass by without doing any useful work. Please note that useful work also includes enjoyment. Spare some time for refreshing yourself too but make sure that you give just the right amount of time to everything.

  3. Pl provide strategy for Agriculture too,as no guidance is available on net or in magazines

  4. piyush sir,
    I want to ask u 3 basic questions
    Plz plz answer dem
    1)wat about out of syllabus questions….hw to predict dem…
    2)shud we strict 2 our syllabus
    3)do de tend to ask screwing questions on m.s. In interview…see we hv read only syllabus part we may fall short
    4)is it wrong strategy to tak 1st attempt(2013) sinc exam pattern is going to change probably in 2014?
    Waiting fr ur reply
    Thanks sir fr everything
    Thanks prince

  5. Sir, Can you please suggest me the best classroom coaching for Electrical Engineering (IES) in DELHI

  6. Also, if one has/had the habit of making class notes, they will turn out to be a treasure at the time of preparation. Many of the topics can be covered with a simple glance of old notes( if one had prepared). I was able to cover a lot of clinical syllabus this way as many of the managements approaches ( investigations and treatment modalities) are comprehensively covered in class, there by saving time to refer many texts . Also one should make it a habit to start drawing/doodling/illustrating as much of the info can be put in diagrams than in words. There is very little time available as far a MS is concerned ( as you will be able to attempt almost 90-95 % questions ).

    Best of Luck..:)

  7. sir,
    plz give me tips to prepare essay

  8. hi prince,,

    can you ask someone to upload strategy for maths also.


  9. Sir,will you please post copy of your notes of MS?? It’ll be very helpful for medicos.

  10. hallo sir,
    i am mahesh kumar yadav. first time i saw you in vajiram and ravi institute at 28’th may 2012 when you guided us for general studies and you also shared your blog id, since then i am a regular reader of your blog. this blog is highly beneficial for us. your success is a great inspiration for me……and you my role model.
    sir, i seek your holy guidance for philosophy, if you provide i will be highly obliged.

    thank you sir

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I will try my best but you would appreciate that my hands are tied and I can’t make any promises for your demand. Thanks again.

  11. Hi sir . I m 3rd year mech engg student . I want to start preparation of upsc . Can you give me proper planning to start preparation taking consideration of engg college time ?

    • Please read my introductory post. You will basically have to juggle your time especially the evening time after your classes between your engineering study and UPSC prep.

  12. Sir,your view about answer writing in med it ok to write in point form as we do in our profs?

    • Yes it would be ok even if u write in points format…infact I would say in paper 2 for clinical questions this is better explainatory depends on time availability.

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