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Basics of GS preparation

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The following are some points that may be useful for GS preparation in general. A more detailed unit wise strategy will be uploaded in another post.

  • As we all know, these days UPSC has made the GS paper very very challenging. It has become dynamic and more opinion based. Students need to do an extensive coverage of current affairs and they can’t neglect the conventional aspect.
  • It is important to know the difference between a generalist and a specialist. A generalist is a person who knows “less and less of more and more”, while a specialist is a person who knows “more and more of less and less”. The Civils Exam in the GS paper is testing the Generalist approach.
  • One point that I would like to emphasize upon is how to use YOUR coaching class in your preparation. Please understand this very carefully that given the current trend of GS paper, everything cannot be served on a platter. The student will have to make a lot of effort from his side apart from attending the classes and memorizing the class notes. The coaching will certainly help you in many ways:
    • Gives you an approach to the subject. When you see the kind of questions being asked in Test Series and you try and pin-point from where they were asked, you understand what all to read in newspapers and magazines from exam point of view. You understand how to study GS.
    • It strengthens your fundamentals. The conventional part of GS is more or less static and you can pick that up at a faster pace with coaching classes.
    • It highlights issues of current importance. This way it does cover a lot of portion of current affairs too. But the students will still have to cover a lot on their own.
    • You will certainly be able to move at a faster pace with the coaching class.
    • Finally you can easily clarify your doubts with the faculty members in the class.
  • Some points from my personal experience in GS:
    • Study your class notes and Yellow Books multiple times. The current affairs material that would now be given for the Main Exam is especially very good and should be studied carefully.
    • NCERT books for classes XI and XII (History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Sociology and World Politics). Try to attempt questions given at back.
    • You can refer to DD Basu, Economic Survey, India Year Book (especially important for Mains exam these days), Economy issue of PD, Atlas and Manorama Year Book.
    • Newspaper reading is crucial given the current trend. You must try and make your own hand-written notes. While reading newspapers observe the following- abbreviations; new terms; organisations; quotes and examples, which can be used elsewhere; etc. It is very effective for retention and you are able to revise very quickly. Read the editorials carefully and try and understand the main points. After reading, write a summary of the editorial in your notebook. This would help you build your own opinion.
    • You can read selective articles from Frontline and Yojana. If you want to, then you may also look at some competitive magazine.
    • Internet can prove very useful especially for Science and Tech.
    • You may join a Test Series to practice writing and organizing answers. Also in test series, you learn to control your nervousness when faced with questions that you do not know.
    • For India and the World- Understand the core issues between India and various nations. The external relations can be structured into political, economic, defence, cultural, S&T, etc. so prepare in these dimensions.
  • Answer writing in the Exam
    • You must form original opinions on matters of current interest around you. Try and organize your answer in such a way that it appeals to the examiner.
    • You can use an intelligent mixture of paras and points in your answers.
    • You can make intelligent guesses to answers of questions you don’t know but do this in the end.
    • When direct questions come from conventional areas, you MUST attempt them very well since such questions would be attempted well by many other candidates. You cannot afford to lose unnecessary marks in this area. For instance, even though less questions may be asked from History recently, that doesn’t mean you can now ignore History. In fact that means, you now need to be all the more careful because if any direct question comes, you should be able to answer it correctly.
    • For current affairs, apart from current events in national and international sphere, focus on Govt. Policy decisions. Try and understand the rationale behind the decisions. You must know both the positives and negatives of each action of government.
    • For Paper-II, international affairs questions, it is useful if you first give some historical aspect of the relations between the nations and then talk about the current aspect. You can cover this area well from the Yellow Book.
    • Please remember that analysis of issues rather than mere memorization of facts is becoming more and more important and that is what the examiner is looking for. Even if the question is factual, it is always a good idea to give some analysis along with it.
  • Effort from your side
    • Earlier, I talked about the need to make a lot of effort from your side. By that I mean, you must not only have a mastery over the class notes, but you must always be open to new information from other sources. You cannot rely only on material given in the class.
    • You must also try and visit the websites of ministries, spend a little time on the Internet surfing for information of interest, read some news magazines and try and read at least the editorials from one other newspaper apart from The Hindu.
    • Newspaper Reading- This is very important.

In the end I just want to say, that for GS especially, do not judge your coaching class by the fact as to how many questions in the exam finally came from your class discussions. Instead, you must judge the class based on whether it taught you how to approach and handle the GS subject. Even though, the class will steer you in the right direction, the hard-work has to be yours.

  1. Sir, i have been very confused about this. I have enrolled for Vajiram GS PCM batch this june only. They have different subject classes everyday. So whenever I chalk out a plan, in every other class i feel i should start with that particular subject itself. So wanted to know that, how you used to plan out for the the month & day, despite having different subject coaching everyday. 2 subjects at a time for a week or what? And not to forget optional. I will be giving attempt next year. I am writing this with a lot of hope, hope you take out some time to reply.

  2. what are yekkow books which u are referring to?

  3. Please clarify,

    1.) If by some reason(health/other exams) one is not able to make notes from Newspaper then can we rely on Coaching institutes current affairs material for prelims/mains.

    2.) If one is not having regular access to internet then by reading various other sources like magazines, Coaching institutes material can we compensate for the internet.

    • 1) In case you do not have notes from newspapers then you have no other choice but to rely on material available in the market. What else can you do?
      2) Internet is very useful and even if you do not have regular net access, try and go online periodically atleast.

  4. awaiting a page on basics of interview preparation .. thank you..

  5. Hello prince. How should one prepare for CSAT? what material can be referred?
    There are so many manuals and chaalu notes out there in the market. How to go about it..

  6. How frequently did you revise your self made newspaper notes + past month Chronicle + past month Yojana issues..?
    Did you learn all the data like people dying due to TB etc etc

  7. Just out of curiosity.. Which cadre have you been alloted?

  8. have you taken any coaching for general studies..??if yes,please mention the name.
    ihow could you manage to clear doubts in a batch strength of 300.

  9. hello sir,
    thanks first of all for this informative blog.

    sir, i m in my final year of graduation and plan to appear for 2014. i wanted to ask…
    1. whether all issues of frontline, yojana and kurukshetra are to be covered?
    2. i am preparing at home without coaching, so can you suggest me some good online test series to enroll in?
    3. and sir how exactly newspaper notes are to be made?? should i prefer date wise or area specific?
    waiting for your reply sir………

  10. Sir, thanks a lot for all your efforts. Looking forward for your help me out on the following issues-

    1. I have been reading newspapers for few months, but started making my own handwritten notes short while ago. I will be appearing in 2014 mains and presently doing engineering(last year). So wanted to know will it be beneficial to prepare notes from this point of time or not? And what to expect and write in the form of notes from each article( i have been very confused about this) and as a result i think i have been noting down some irrelevant things.
    How you used to note the important points from newspapers?

    2. I havent joined any coaching for GS and doesnt plan to do so due to vagaries in pattern of UPSC(hope I am taking a right decision). I started preparing for it with Polity, at first. Would you recommend me to take class notes of any institute? I have already taken Ravindran sir’s class notes, just to ensure that I am not going out of bounds. I thought of studying polity from Laxminkant? Is it good or should i refer something else for this? Lastly, can u please tell what kind of frame of mind i should keep while reading Polity- means what should i look for & how?

    Thanks a lot!

    • 1. You should start making notes one year before your Prelim exam. Please write synopsis of news articles and note down important details such as names of personalities, road-links, bills, constitutional amendments, international pacts etc. Divide your notebook into different areas such as National, International, Science and Tech etc.
      2. Yes you are on the right track. Refer to old question papers and class notes and you will get an idea of what to expect in the exam.

  11. Hi
    I will sit for cse 2014 & am preparing for GS mains. Are there any areas in the GS syllb which i should focus specifically for the prelims GS?

  12. HI, thanks for your detailed blog which, I am sure, will definitely help in my preparations. I am however concerned about a recent interview of UPSC chairman D P Agrawal, which was published in TOI on March 5, 2012. It was mentioned in the interview that changes in pattern of UPSC exam are “most likely to be in effect from 2013.” Many sites on internet are suggesting that in new pattern optional subjects will be done away with. I need your and your colleagues’ (if possible) views and guidance on this matter.

    • Thank you for your encouraging comments. Unfortunately as fas as changing pattern of exam goes nobody can tell anything for certain until UPSC itself announces something. I think it is better to take these things into account while preparing.

  13. For economics section of GS which book should I refer apart from the NCERTS?

    • You must refer Pratiyogita Darpan (Economy edition), Penguin Economy dictionary, Hindu newspaper and Economic Survey. These sources are enough but if you want you can selectively refer to Dutt and Sundaram.

  14. hi,
    i took 2 months of gs coaching at vajiram in 2011. but i am giving my attempt in 2013. should i join coaching again? do you think it is important to help you find strategy specially towards the end.
    specifically, i mean to ask is there something i will miss, something new that was not done in the first two months apart from the content?
    i just have a feeling that i can do it on my own. and also please give some tips to keep myself updated.

    • if you have taken the entire coaching at Vajiram then no need to repeat it. If you have missed out on some portions, you may study them from class notes of your friends. If you have missed out major portions of syllabus, then you may think of doing the coaching again.
      The utility of GS class is only in guiding you to prepare in the right way as explained above.

  15. what are the important ammendents to be studied ??

  16. One most important think wish to know exactly how much marks question paper you have attempted and how much you achieved? specially in GS and Optional?

  17. Does one year suffice clearing this exam?

  18. What does Yellow books above refer too?

  19. Hi sir… could you plz tell me wt magazine shuld i follow….. which one is best among wizard ,civil service times ,chronicles…. or u may suggest sm oder..,

  20. Hi Sir…needed some help…plz tell me ncert books of whiclh all subjects and which all classes should I buy..also which edition is preferred…I hope all is avalable at jawahar book store..

  21. I have been trying to make notes from newspaper since long..but I stop every time may be because I am not doing it the correct way. Should I be doing it date wise or topic wise like IR at one place and economy at the other. I tried sticking important articles in copy after underlining them but could’nt revise them that way. Does newspaper help for prelims too..? I have written pre twice and failed both the time..but i seriously think paper dint help me even with one question.

    • Newspaper reading must be done very intelligently. You should make notes topic wise and not date wise. Further, the paper helps in Prelims too but not directly. It sets the context in which the questions are framed from conventional areas. For example if the President’s election is in news, then you can expect a question from President’s articles in the Constitution or from the articles of Elections.

  22. 1]How many question/marks try to attempt betwn 3hours of the exam.2]Do any time managment strategy suggest by u for 3 golden hours of exam.3]pub ad and gs r requre to solve with diff strategy.

    • 1. Try and attempt as much as you can.
      2. Time management is very individualistic and differs for each person. You will learn this by giving many practice tests.
      3. Yes absolutely.

  23. sir ,how can i improve my answer writing skill ,within limited words and time. please guide me, how can manage yojna ,kruksetra and two newspaper as well as gs and optional along with coaching classes ,and how much time should be given for revision and answer prac


  24. Sir,
    I have just started (today is the 5th day) preparing for the CSE. I read Hindu daily and presently concentrating on developing foundation for GS by studying basics of Economics, Geography, Polity and History. I believe, these will help in a better understanding of lectures in coaching class (Planning to join Vajiram October Pre + Mains GS Batch).

    1) I just wanted to know that what do the selectors look for? Is it the knowledge part or analytic part? and If its analysis of the details, what should I do to improve that?
    2) I was working as a journalist in The Pioneer. I have some understanding of the news but don’t have in-depth knowledge of other subjects… Do I have sufficient time to clear the 2013 exam?
    3) My optional subjects are Sanskrit and Public Administration. Again, is it the analytic part they look in answers of public administration or simply the knowledge of theories?
    4) Kindly provide more suggestion for preparation that I should follow, if any, as I need to crack the CSE-2013

    • 1. Logical analysis is very important these days. Make your own handwritten notes of news-items; discuss important issues with your friends; write practice tests later on.
      2. This depends on how hard you are willing to work. You can do it but it may be a little more challenging than normal.
      3. Analytic part is very important for PA. You will develop this only by first understanding the theories and then linking them with practical concepts.

  25. @ Prince sir ” many many thanx”

  26. sir ,how can i improve my answer writing skill ,within limited words and time. please guide me, how can manage yojna ,kruksetra and two newspaper as well as gs and optional along with coaching classes ,and how much time should be given for revision and answer prac

  27. Sir many many thanx for such a motivating blog and a warm congrats for your success.
    Sir I was supposed to complete my B. tech this year but I got Back in 1 paper this may lead me complete my graduation in 5 years. Sir can I appear for UPSC or not. If yes , will it have any negative effect on Exam Please do reply………

  28. sir ,how can i improve my answer writing skill ,within limited words and time. please guide me, how can manage yojna ,kruksetra and two newspaper as well as gs and optional along with coaching classes ,and how much time should be given for revision and answer practice .

  29. sir i have gone through gs ,pub ad & elect. engg. strategy provided at ur blog for elect engg strategy undoubtedly very useful and i am thankful to u for that. but sir when one goes through other subject strategies the very first thing he look there is ‘CLASS NOTES’.which i think a bit tough to understand for a student who has not joined any coaching due to any reason. this thing frustate me and sometime i think that perhaps this exam is not possible to crack without coaching for an avg student though he is working very hard. so can u bring strategy from someone like shah faesal who had not joined any coaching at all. i think he was the exceptional but his or anyone else like him can really provide some help to the students who r not able to join coaching due to any reasons.

    • In strategy for Pub Ad, I have just mentioned that I used class notes from Synergy coaching but in the topic wise strategy, there is no mention of any class notes anywhere. I have mentioned only books and printed material both of which are accessible without coaching.
      You are right that most of the Strategies include class notes because most of the candidates narrate honestly their own preparation stories.
      I will certainly try to fulfill your request but I hope you would understand that my hands are tied as I depend on other candidates for giving me write-ups.

      • thanks! i have become big fan of u. its really like a dream come true for me to talk to u and get precious help so easily.when i had started my preparation first i tried to contact all my friends to know if they were having contact with someone who cleared this exam but i didnt succeed.i think u r the person who has drawn whole motivation to select in this exam only from desire to serve the people better. i believe u always will be dedicated to service of nation and will be a great administrator in future. all the best!

        • Thank you so much for such encouraging words. I am very grateful to you and others like you who have appreciated these efforts and pushed me to work more and more. I hope I can be true to myself and to the cause with which I have joined the services. Thank you once again.

  30. hello sir, thanks a lot for your diligent efforts here to guide other aspirants.. sir as you have said that news paper reading is must, it takes atlest 3-4 hrs to me to complete the news paper still there are some sections which i cant complete.. though i hav started my preparation 2 months back, bt still its too much time as i left with lesser time to revise my class notes and above of that i still cant differentiate which section is important and which is not.. will this come by time and i shud continue doing like this or shud i focus on those editorials and sci tech section only??

    • Stop making notes for a while and first concentrating on only reading important news items and remembering them. Once you can do that within 1 hour or so then start making notes. You should be comfortable with newspapers within 4-5 months after your first start reading them.

  31. Hello prince…I must congratulate you for your success. Also, I saw the video on JagranJosh. Your perpetual smile was a big confidence booster, apart from your strategy. 🙂

    I need some help, if you could spare some time. I need to know HOW TO MANAGE THE RESOURCES for the prelims.

    So on a DAILY BASIS, I have kept some time for prelim paper 1 preparation (for now, paper 2 i would do later) and the rest I study PUB AD. So, how should I schedule the sources of study for paper 1 (so many sources for history, geog, etc and for current affairs! magazines, websites, newspapers) on a DAILY BASIS.

    As you mentioned in the post, “we have to make effort”. I just need guidance in HOW TO MANAGE THE EFFORT. I have kept around 5-6 hours daily for my GS Paper 1 (any possibility to manage paper 2 also along with paper 1 and pub ad on a DAILY basis…i know it sounds like over expecting…you can tell me if i am being over expecting.. 🙂 …)

    PS: I am placed in a very good company, but have my joining of October. So, I have these two months in my hand which i want to utililse to the max.

    Please help. I would be waiting for your reply..

    • The best way is to rotate one or two areas in GS. For example, study Geography and History on alternate days or for half day each. Once you finish them, then move on to other subjects. If you get bored in between, then leave that subject and switch to another one for few days.
      I would advise to not do more than two papers at once- say for example: GS paper-1 and Pub Ad paper-1.

      • Thank You Prince.. 🙂 I am actually doing the same…pub ad syllabus…from the beginning, and gs paper 1. I have taken up Polity along with current affairs. COuld you please elaborate on how to manage time for CURRENT AFFAIR SOURCES on a daily basis?

        I mean, I “study” NEWSPAPER daily in the morning with breakfast. So, do I have to visit websites daily? Read yojana daily? read yearbook daily? read chronicle daily? Read prtyogita darpan daily? All this, apart from studying PUB AD daily?

        Please suggest.

        • Tasks to be done daily:
          read newspaper; visit some websites

          Tasks to be done weekly:
          read some Yojana articles; chronicle (or any other current affairs magazine that you like)

          Tasks to be done once in a while:
          India Year Book; Pratiyogita Darpan (Economy edition)

          • Thank you…However, Prince, If I prepare for GS now, i.e. in August, I read HINDU daily, Check websites, yojana, chronicle, yearbook, pratyogita darpan,…..everything would be FROM AUGUST AND THEREAFTER. HOW WOULD I STUDY THE PREVIOUS MONTHS AND PREVIOUS YEARS editions, SIMULTANEOUSLY while studying the present issues…??

          • If you are appearing for 2013 then no need to study for previous issues. If you are appearing in 2012, then it is better to get hold of old magazines and brush up your current affairs.

      • Sir, I have set my goal as CSE 2013. My optionals are pub ad and sociology. I have completed my sociology coaching and currently doing pub ad coaching. I will be doing GS on my own.
        1.Can you guide me as to roughly what deadlines should be made for completing personal note making for both the optionals, starting revisions for optionals and dedicated studies for GS ?
        2. Presently I am consolidating my optionals. Is it a feasible idea to take up GS preparations also simultaneously? ( I am doing newspapers and magazines regularly)
        3. Please suggest a broad time management and subject prioritization strategy for these 8-9 months left for prelims.

        • Broadly, both your optionals should be ready before October-2012 at least once. After this you should revise them regularly. Personal note making will never finish. It continues right till the Mains exam because each time you study something new in your Optional subjects, you would make notes for it.
          Take up GS preparation only after you have completed at least one optional.

  32. hello sir, i m starting preparation for 2014 exam nd i m going for it individually(w/o coaching). is there any harm in it? is there any special guidance needed which i wont be able to get even from blogs??

    • There is no harm in preparing without coaching. Please do not confuse between blogs and coaching classes. Blogs only help you in the sense that they would tell you what stuff you can read, what common mistakes to be avoided and some practical tips from successful candidates. But coaching classes will actually teach things. However, if you have some constraints due to which you want to avoid coaching classes then there is no problem in that.

  33. Sir,

    First of all thank you so much for your guidance for all aspirants you really doing a commendable job, hats off to you, i have no more words to express your greatness.

    Sir i wanted to clear some of my doubts

    1. Should i also read “indian express” along with The hindu. While reading newspaper, should i make notes or just keep the cuttings? Many say for cuttings and many say make notes, please suggest what is good way or reading news paper.

    2. I am also doing a part time job to maintain my monthly expense and coaching fees, so i get only 4 days a week to study, so how should i strategy for my study, i understand it depends on person to person but please give me some guidance, had you been at my position how would you have strategized your study so as to clear 2013.

    3. How should i finish multiple books, (e.g. Laxmikant, Bipin chandra, India year book, Fadia and Fadia, Mohit and Bhattacharya, R k Arora etc.) so that i will be able to revise them at the time of examination.

    Please help sir,
    Thank you

    • 1. Yes read IE editorials and if possible Economy page. It will be helpful if you can make notes instead of clippings.
      2. The basic strategy remains the same. Fix targets and achieve them. Even on your busy days, do not give up your study completely. On those days, in the night do something less stressful such as reading a magazine or writing an essay.
      3. Underline the main points while reading them and then when you revise, read only the underlined portions.

  34. Hi Prince,

    First, thanks a lot for your help and guidance.

    I’m currently working in Hyderabad and planning to relocate to Delhi in a couple of months for mains coaching. Have you any idea regarding the cost of living at Mukherjee Nagar/Rajinder Nagar? My savings are meagre and I want to spend frugally so the money I have would suffice for at least the next 1 year. Also, please let me know which mode (single room/sharing room/PG) would be best during preparation with their respective costs if you’re aware. Thank you.

    • I will tell you about Rajinder Nagar:

      It is good to stay in a single room but which has other students nearby (possibly in the same flat). Such rooms may cost you somewhere around 7k-12k per month depending on their location and other factors. The meals can either be eaten at nearby restaurants or by tiffin. The latter Option will certainly by cheaper (around Rs.40 per meal).
      Apart from this, do not forget to factor in the costs of domestic help (around Rs 400 p.m.), washerman (around Rs.250 p.m.) and Internet.

  35. Please tell some sources for Essay. I’m finding it really difficult to write essay. Is there a word limit for essay?

    • There are no sources for Essay as such. The best way to improve is to first read articles in Yojana and Kurukshetra and then practice writing conclusions, introductions etc. You will feel comfortable slowly.

  36. Hey there.

    Prince please put some light on following things-

    I want to know what are we expected to provide to the examiner when he asks us to-

    1. Comment
    2. Assess
    3. Evaluate
    4. Compare and contrast
    5. Critically examine
    6. Elaborate on/Bring out
    7. Justify
    8. Explain
    9. Discuss
    10. Examine ( a statement….)

    I know these seem very simple things but most of times candidates lose marks just because they don’t understand what the examiner expects from us. So, please put some detailed light on these points. Thankyou

    • Do not worry. They more or less mean the same thing. There are minor differences that is evident in the English meaning of these terms. In most circumstances the answer is more or less same.
      However, when it comes to critically evaluate, just focus on criticism even though you still have to talk about other points. However focus of answer changes.

  37. what part of gs is asked in prelims exam. please suggest books for prelims paper 1 and paper 2 and also strategy to prepare for prelims as in how many months should be devoted in prelims preparation??

    • Always prepare for the Mains and make the Prelim exam as an intermediate step. As regard what is asked refer to the syllabus and old questions.

  38. sir,
    a thorough scan of The Hindu newspaper takes lot of time(editorials,national,international,sports page,periscope,front page etc)…and I’m not sure how to make notes from it withing time limits..
    I’m taking 1 hour just to read and another 1 hour for notes making…
    how much time did you devote for this exercise and your strategy ?notes that needs to be preserved should have factual information only?(since I’m preserving the editorials,I’m practicing opnion expression on rough)..plz throw some light.

  39. Sir,I’m in 2nd year…I want to develop a habit to read newspaper daily,so i just want to ask what are issues I should read or I’ve to read the whole newspaper including controversial issues (such as inter-party conflicts,2G scam,riots etc.)?
    And also i want an advice from you as to how can I start with my preparation as I enter 3rd year or 3rd year is too early to start?
    And a way to improve my writing skills?

    • Read only national and international issues. Do not read about politics or scams much.
      You may start your prep from the middle of 3rd year by first concentrating on your optionals.
      To improve your writing skills, practice writing some essays and later on when you prepare for optionals do as much answer writing as you can.

      • Sir to start with optionals as you say,please suggest me some material for Pub. Ad. like written notes of any coaching institute (if available at any shop at delhi) or any book because i won’t be able to join any coaching till my 4th year as I’m studying in Roorkee,it won’t be possible for me to join any fortnight or weekend program…..

  40. Thnks sir 4 ur rply.sir, ur ‘gtng in 2 rght frm of mind’ blog is very spectacular and fabulous. Sir we shld chck all ministries site or some specific one. Plz gv name of some mnstrs that we shld chck.

    • I suggest that everyday you just visit one ministry website. This way within a month you would have covered all ministry sites. I feel the more important ones are pmo, dopt, s&t, culture, mea, defence, finance, rural development, commerce, women and child welfare, msme, home, agriculture and hrd.

  41. sir congratulations for your success, and also thanking you for this commendable job of helping aspirants like us..:).
    i wanted to know about how should be make our answer writing unique with the same content and what was your unique style of answer writing?

  42. Sir hw cn we make use of intrnt 4 sci & tch. Is thr any site 4 it or we shld use the google & wikipdia. Sir, whch mnstries sites we shld follow & wht infrmtn we shld tk frm mnstry site.

    • Use google andd Wikipedia. In ministry websites check out flagship programs and current topics.

      • hi sir congrats 4 ur grand in iit delhi not only student but also teachers discuss about u much more,the way u were here.wishing u lovely life

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